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Watercolor Art Prints

Your wall art should be personal and meaningful to you. At White Clover Paper Co, we hope to give you some art print options that will add some color, fun, and whimsy to your space to make it feel a little more you!

Our Process For Making Fine Art Prints

All of our art prints are reproductions of original, hand painted watercolor designs. When we’ve created a new painting or design we love, we start art print production by photographing our paintings, doing some minimal touch-ups and modifications on the computer, and then sending the designs off to the printer! 

All of our art prints are museum quality prints (other names you may see for this are “giclée” or “archival” prints). This means that both the paper and ink quality used by our printing partners are up to museum quality standards. The ink in our art prints is fade resistant and acid free. The high resolution of our prints means that details are crisp and clear. 

The paper used for our prints is 19 point savoy cotton archival paper. Let’s break down what this means: 

  • 19 point: “Points” (abbreviated as pt.) is a way of describing paper thickness in thousandths of an inch. For comparison, standard computer printer paper is usually between 3 and 6 points, and the most common cardstock thickness is 12 points. 
  • Savoy cotton: Cotton fibers are longer, stronger, and more durable than wood fibers, meaning the paper in our prints will last longer than standard paper options.
  • Archival: Archival papers are made of 100% cotton, are acid free, and have no artificial brighteners. 

The paper used for our art prints is bright white with a slightly textured surface. Our completed prints have a highly professional, polished, and expensive look. 

Art prints are packaged in clear plastic sleeves with a cardboard backing to prevent bending. They come shipped to you in rigid cardboard mailers to keep them protected in transit.

Framing Your Art Prints

Our art prints do not come with the frames you see pictured. All of our prints come in standard sizes- either 5×7 inches, 8×10 inches, or 11×14 inches. All of these size frames should be very easy to find at any home goods store you like in a wide variety of styles to match your décor. See our blog post with tips on matting, framing, and hanging art prints.

Wall Art For All Rooms In Your Home

Whether your style is laid back and casual, cozy and serene, or bold and colorful, we hope to be able to offer art prints that will match your style! Choose wall art that coordinates with the color scheme in the room you’re decorating, and choose styles and subject matter that speaks to you. We are always working on new designs, so be sure to check back frequently to see what new prints we have in stock that work with your style!

Contact the White Clover Team

Questions about our art prints or process? We’d love to hear from you! Fill out our contact form to get in touch with the White Clover team!