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Fall Cards

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Fall Greeting Cards From White Clover Paper Co.

The leaves are falling, the air is getting cooler, everything is in pretty colors- it’s time to celebrate all the lovely things autumn has to offer! Our pretty, hand painted watercolor cards in golden hues showcase the beauty fall has to offer, and spread a little joy as you share that with friends and family!

Fall Holidays For Sending Greeting Cards

For lovers of all things fall, the holiday season starts well before the Christmas season. We offer holiday cards for those who love the fall holidays just as much (if not more!). Fall has so many wonderful things to offer that make the season well worth celebrating all on its own, and we have cards for doing just that. We also offer greeting cards for the major fall holidays.


Spread more treats than tricks for Halloween with one of our sweet Halloween greeting cards. Whether you’re a great lover of Halloween and want to share your love for spooky season with others, or you have a loved one who goes all out with their Halloween festivities and you want to brighten up this time for them, your friends and family are sure to love getting a Halloween card in the mail from you.


It’s always a good time to say “thank you,” but we’re reminded to say it a little extra around Thanksgiving. Let a loved one know that you appreciate everything they’ve done for you over the last year, or remind someone you won’t see for the holiday what they mean to you and all the reasons why you’re grateful they’re in your life. A little note of appreciation goes a long way!

What To Write In A Fall Greeting Card

For greeting cards that are fall themed or celebrate Halloween, send a message of well wishes for the season. Maybe let your friend know what you’re looking forward to doing this fall, whether it’s jumping in a pile of fall leaves, snuggling up around a bonfire, or baking and drinking a whole array of pumpkin pie spiced treats. Remind your loved ones to enjoy the fall colors and soak up all the autumn beauty, and inspire them to enjoy some fun fall activities. 

If you’re sending a card for Thanksgiving, make sure you write a little message thanking your loved ones for all the good things they bring to your life. Whether they brighten your days with their humor, or always have your back when you’re having a hard day, your friends and family will appreciate that you’ve noticed and mentioned how they make the world a better place. Maybe even write a list of all the things you’re thankful for and send it out to all your family and friends.

Where To Buy Fall Greeting Cards Online

You can buy unique, high quality greeting cards for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving right here on our website, or visit our Etsy shop. 

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