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Celebrate Love With Wedding Cards

Weddings are one of the happiest days in many peoples’ lives. Help the love birds or newlyweds celebrate their love by giving them a beautiful wedding card to commemorate their special day. 

When Should You Send Or Give A Wedding Card

Cards celebrating a wedding can be given leading up to the wedding, on the wedding day, or after the wedding. As a general rule of thumb, cards, like gifts, should be given to the newlyweds within three months of the wedding (so up to three months before the wedding and up to three months after the wedding). Of course if you are attending the wedding, you can slip your card in the card box on the day of. But if you prefer to stick your card in the mail, that’s fine too!

If you can’t make it to the wedding, traditional etiquette dictates that you are not obligated to send a gift or card. However, the couple will probably appreciate receiving your well wishes in the mail along with your regrets about missing the wedding. The three month rule applies here.

If you weren’t invited to the wedding due to a small guest list, or you’re just not super close with the couple, but you still want to send them your congratulations, it’s perfectly acceptable to still send a card (though certainly not required)!

Wedding Related Events Where Cards Are Given

The time leading up to a wedding is filled with celebrations and events to congratulate the couple and help them prepare for their new phase in life. This provides many opportunities for card giving and sharing happy sentiments with the couple. 

Engagement Parties And Cards

A great time to offer your congratulations to a soon-to-be married couple is right after they get engaged. Many couples have engagement parties (or they are thrown for the couple by family, friends, or members of the wedding party). Gifts generally are not given at engagement parties, but it’s always appropriate to give a card if you would like to formally offer your congratulations. If the couple doesn’t have an engagement party, they’re still probably brimming with excitement, and they would surely appreciate a card in the mail telling them how excited you are for them.

Wedding Showers And Bridal Showers

Wedding showers and bridal showers are a great time to give the couple an initial card celebrating their upcoming wedding with them. While there is a slight difference between the two, both wedding and bridal showers are meant to “shower” the couple with love and gifts.

Wedding Showers

Wedding showers are co-ed events that include both the future bride and groom. Both men and women may be in attendance, especially from the wedding party. It’s appropriate to address cards and gifts to both members of the couple at these events.

Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are traditionally intended for just the girls. Typically there are no men in attendance, although the groom may be required to make an appearance. Bridal showers are for specifically celebrating the soon-to-be-bride. Cards addressed to “the soon-to-be Mrs.” or “bride-to-be” are appropriate at these events (although the future bride will likely not be offended if cards and gifts are addressed to the groom as well).

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are typically only attended by members of the wedding party and close friends of the bride or groom. These are another occasion where gifts and cards are optional and certainly not required. They are, however, another great opportunity for those closest to the bride or groom to express their support, and a card is a great way to do this.

Cards For The Wedding Party

The only cards that the soon-to-be married or newlywed couple are ever really required to send are thank you cards for gifts they receive at showers and for the wedding. However, there are many times throughout the wedding planning process when they may want to give cards to express their appreciation for those closest to them who may be very involved in wedding planning. 

Brides and grooms alike may choose to ask their closest friends to be in the wedding party with a card or a small gift. This is a great way for the couple to express what their friends mean to them and why they want each particular friend to be there on the wedding day. Many cards are specifically designed stating “will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman/maid of honor/best man.”

The wedding day is another time when brides and grooms may choose to give cards to each other, members of the wedding party, parents, siblings, and key players in pulling off all the wedding day plans. Again, this is a great time for the bride and groom to get sentimental and let all the most important people in their lives know what their support means. It’s also a way to say thank you for making the day go off without a hitch!

Wedding Day Cards

Of course the most obvious wedding cards are, well, the wedding day cards. These cards congratulate the couple on finally being married and embarking on an exciting new phase in life. All wedding guests have the opportunity to wish the couple well. Generally there is a card box at the reception venue where you can slip your card for the couple to read later.

What To Write In A Wedding Card

Wedding cards don’t have to be long or elaborate (keep in mind that if you put your card in the card box at the wedding, the couple is likely reading lots and lots of cards at the same time as yours- so you don’t have to write a novel). Offer your congratulations and wish the couple well as they embark on this new journey together. If you’ve been married for a long time yourself, you may want to offer a few words of loving advice.

The main thing to keep in mind when writing a wedding card is to keep it positive. Whatever your experience with relationships, and whatever you may think of either the bride or groom, remember that they’re in love and excited about sharing their lives together. Help them enjoy their day and be happy about their relationship.

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