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Sympathy Cards From White Clover Paper Co.

Finding the right way to express your sympathy for someone going through a difficult loss can be hard. Grief is a challenging thing- we all deal with it in our own way, and it’s hard to know how to help. Offering your condolences with a heartfelt note is a wonderful way to show that you’re there for those that are grieving. They’ll greatly appreciate you showing your support and offering comfort in their time of sorrow.

Occasions For Sending A Sympathy Card

Bereavement cards are sent to surviving friends and relatives after the death of a loved one. The death of a mother, father, husband, wife, sibling, grandparent, child, or friend is a very difficult thing. It’s also appropriate to send a message of sympathy to an expecting mother who suffers a miscarriage, or even to pet owners who lose a beloved cat or dog. Whether the loss was expected or sudden, losing a loved one is never easy. Whatever your relationship with the bereaved, they’ll appreciate your show of support with a condolence card. 

If you’re not sure if the occasion warrants a condolence card, you can still show support by sending a thinking of you card. This will send the same message- that the person who may be going through a difficult time is in your thoughts, and that you’re there for them- without going as far as a condolence card. This could be appropriate in the case of a lost job, divorce, or other difficult family situation. 

When Should You Send A Sympathy Card?

Sympathy cards are best sent after the death of the recipient’s family member or friend. If they are having a funeral, you can send a card along with funeral flowers in a lovely display of your concern. 

Keep in mind that anniversaries and significant dates following the death of a loved one can be hard too. The first anniversary of a death may be particularly hard, and would be a great time for you to show your support. Other important dates, like first birthdays and holidays without the loved one, are also a good time to remind them that you’re there. 

You don’t necessarily have to have a close relationship with the bereaved in order to send a condolence card. If you’re close and you know how they’re struggling with the situation, your show of love and support will be extra meaningful. If you’re an acquaintance or coworker and you choose to send a sympathy card, they’ll be touched by your kindness.

What To Write In A Condolence Card

Writing in a condolence card can be tricky. This is a time when there may be no words to express what you feel. The important thing is that your message is heartfelt and honest. Let them know that you’re thinking of them, that you’re there for them, and that you’re sorry for their loss. If they’re religious, they may take comfort in verses from scripture, or even if you simply let them know that they’re in your prayers. If you knew the deceased, it can be meaningful to share a memory or something you loved about them, and to acknowledge that things will be different without them around. Just be sincere, and wish them all the peace and comfort that you can.

Where To Buy Sympathy Cards Online

When you’re grieving, running to the store for a card is probably one of the last things you want to do. You can buy sympathy cards online right here at White Clover Paper Co, or on our Etsy shop.

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