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Birthday Cards

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Why Send A Birthday Card In The Mail?

Birthdays are special- we each get one day a year that gets to be all about us! Celebrate the people you love, and let them enjoy having the spotlight for a day, by sending a lovely birthday card. These days we tend to get a lot of love on social media on our birthdays. Stand out by being that person who sends a physical card with a sentimental, hand written note in the mail (or give it in person!). The special people in your life will love it!

What Kinds Of Birthday Cards Do We Offer?

Our cards are joyful and lighthearted, and all are blank inside so that you can write your own heartfelt message. Help set a cheerful tone for your loved ones’ birthdays with our birthday cards.

Sweet And Whimsical Birthday Cards

We believe we all could use some more positivity, especially on birthdays. Our cards are sweet and cheery- you won’t find any cards that are sarcastic or snarky here. We want to help you spread some good, wholesome messages and warm fuzzy feelings. 

Birthday Cards For All

Our aim is to provide you with birthday cards that are appropriate for all ages and that will suit every type of relationship. Need a sentimental card for Mom? Check. Cards for all your friends who bring joy to your life? Find them here! From acquaintances and coworkers to close family and friends who have been there all your life, we can help you strike the right tone. 

When Should I Order Birthday Cards?

Ideally, you should order birthday cards two to three weeks before the birthday you’re planning to celebrate. That allows for one week for the card to make its way to you, and another week for the card to travel from you to your recipient with a little extra time as a cushion. Or you can plan ahead and order all the birthday cards you’ll need for the upcoming year at once so you have them on hand and ready to go so that birthdays don’t sneak up on you!

What To Write In A Birthday Card

Writing a birthday message can be tricky- but it doesn’t have to be! There’s no need to write a long message unless you want to. Keep it short and sweet by saying happy birthday and what you hope this upcoming year has in store for your birthday card recipient. Make it a little longer by saying what your recipient means to you and how you’ve seen them grow over the years. 

Where To Buy Birthday Cards Online

You can buy birthday cards online right here on our website, or you can check out cards featured on our Etsy shop

Why Choose White Clover Paper Co. For Birthday Cards?

At White Clover Paper Co, we want to help you send meaningful, sentimental messages. Our cards will brighten up your loved ones’ birthdays without breaking your budget. We offer great prices and quantity discounts on all our cards, with free shipping on all orders from our website. Being a small, family owned business, we can offer superior customer service and assistance with all your needs on your orders.

Contact The White Clover Team

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