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Modern, Beautiful Catholic Greeting Cards

If you’re looking for greeting cards to celebrate Christian holidays and milestone celebrations, look no further! We’re proud to offer beautiful, modern greeting cards for celebrating your Christian faith and sharing it with loved ones. Our cards feature our original, hand painted watercolor designs and hand lettering. 

While religious greeting cards are unquestionably appropriate for religious celebrations, such as baptism, first communion, and confirmation, they can also be so thoughtful and relevant for a number of other occasions – including weddings, birthdays, and sending condolences. Catholic greeting cards can also serve as a great reminder to count our blessings and give thanks to God for all the ordinary celebrations in our daily lives, both big and small. 

Religious Events Worth Celebrating

Whether you know a child growing up in a Christian family who is celebrating a religious milestone, or you have an adult friend who has discovered a new way of life through faith, you’ll make the occasion memorable and special with a thoughtful note of celebration and encouragement. We offer cards that are appropriate for all the major Christian milestones.


Baptism is a joyful occasion- whether it’s the baptism of a new baby being raised in a Christian household, or an adult who has come to know Jesus and is starting a new life. Celebrate with the newly baptized and their family.

First Communion

First communion is generally celebrated with young children who have studied the meaning of participating in the Eucharist, or with adults who are new to the faith. This is another joyful occasion that is typically celebrated during the Easter season.


Confirmation is celebrated when an adult or young adult confirms their baptismal vows and commits to the Christian life. Especially with young adults, this is a great time to celebrate their becoming an adult in the religious community.


For couples who are devoted to their faith, weddings can also be a very religious affair. Couples who are serious about their faith and including their faith in their wedding celebration may appreciate a wedding card that emphasizes the religious importance of the commitment they make to each other and to God on their wedding day.

Christian Holidays

In addition to major Christian milestones and life events, we offer holiday cards that are perfect for keeping your faith at the forefront of your thoughts during Christian holidays. Browse our collections of Christmas and Easter cards to find religious cards to share with friends and family.

Other Times To Send Christian Greeting Cards

Sometimes a religious greeting card makes an impression of care and thoughtfulness even when the occasion doesn’t necessarily call for a religious card. We can all do with a few extra reminders of God’s love and grace in our lives for a whole variety of occasions, as well as ordinary days. 

Offer Encouragement And Comfort

When someone you know is going through a difficult time, sending a note to let them know you’re praying for them can be so comforting. When someone is grieving a loss, send a sympathy or condolence card with prayers for peace, or if a loved one is struggling with a difficult decision, send an encouragement card along with prayers for discernment. 

Spread Joy

A Catholic greeting card of love and support can be suitable for celebrating all sorts of events. You might congratulate a loved one on their graduation or a new job with a card about praise and rejoicing. Or you can send a special birthday card with prayers for the upcoming year. 

Connect And Build Community

A thinking of you card is a great way to brighten someone’s day! Let someone know that they’ve been on your mind and that you’re praying for them. Whether you’re writing to someone you see frequently or you’re reaching out to reconnect with an old friend, writing a thoughtful note can be a great way to nurture valued relationships. We love the idea of keeping pretty greeting cards close at hand during prayer time so you can write a quick note to a loved one if you feel moved to!

Why Choose White Clover Paper Co For Catholic Cards?

We’re a small, Catholic family owned business, and we design and create all our own products. You can be sure that in shopping with us for Catholic cards and catholic art prints, you’re shopping from a business that shares your Catholic values. We strive to deliver exceptional products – all of our cards and art prints are made in the U.S. from start to finish. All of our Catholic greeting cards are printed on 100% recycled paper. We offer modern, on trend designs at competitive prices. Plus you get free shipping on all orders. 

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