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Celebrate A New Bundle Of Joy!

The birth of a new baby is one of the most exciting things to celebrate! It’s also a time of great change and a new way of life for new parents. Share your joy and excitement with brand new parents or growing families by sending a greeting card celebrating the new addition to their family!

When To Send Or Give A Baby Card

There is certainly a long period of anxious anticipation before Baby is born- which gives you lots of time to share your congratulations and well wishes with new parents! Baby showers may be the most obvious occasion for offering your congratulations, but there are plenty of other times to celebrate with parents.

Baby Shower

A baby shower is the perfect time to give parents a card celebrating the coming of their new baby. Family and friends have gathered together to celebrate this special time with the new parents, and everyone is eager to share their well wishes and offer advice and encouragement. Slip a card in with your gift for parents and Baby.

Welcome Baby

Many new baby cards express sentiments of excitement about meeting Baby and welcoming Baby into the world. Even though the card is really for the parents, they’ll be pleased to know that you are ready to welcome Baby into your life. The baby shower is a great time to remind parents before Baby arrives that you are ready to support them in their new roles by being there for Baby.


The baby shower is also a great time to remember that the new mother-to-be is going through an exciting yet stressful time. Specifically call out the new mom to celebrate her ability to bring new life into the world, give her some words of encouragement, and let her know what a great mom she is going to be! She will definitely appreciate your support. You can also write a note for the father-to-be; don’t forget that he also has a challenging new role. 

When Baby Is Born

Another important time to congratulate parents and share in their celebration is after Baby is born. You can give (or mail) a card when parents announce New Baby’s birth to remind them again that you support them and share their excitement. Or better yet- drop off a meal or do some quick grocery shopping to help out, and drop off a card then- busy and sleep deprived new parents will surely appreciate a helping hand!

Christening Cards

Religious families will have another milestone to celebrate shortly after Baby is born, when they have the christening or baptism. This is another great time for those close to the family to celebrate, show their support, and assure parents that they will be there to be a positive influence in Baby’s life. 

Who Should Receive A Congratulations Card For New Baby?

Depending on your relationship with the family, it can be perfectly appropriate to give a congratulatory card to other members of the family, such as new grandparents and big siblings. If you are close with someone becoming a grandparent but not with the soon-to-be parents, you can still give a note to the grandparent, who is probably just excited as new parents. Depending on their ages, big brothers and sisters to New Baby may be excited or unsure about Baby, and showing them that you are excited for them will help encourage them in their roles as big siblings. 

What To Write In A Baby Card

A new baby card doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Keep in mind the relationship you already have with the parents or family and use that to set the tone for your note. Tell the parents how you’re feeling about the arrival of Baby- excited, thrilled, delighted, etc. Remind parents what they mean to you and how you plan to be there for them after Baby’s arrival. If you’re a parent yourself, offer a few words of advice and encouragement. Reassure parents that they’re going to be great! For more tips and inspiration, see our post on what to write in a new baby card.

New Baby Announcements

Many parents still choose to send out announcements in the mail when Baby is born to share the exciting news with family and friends. While we don’t currently offer personalized baby announcement cards, some of our cards can work as announcements if you only want to send out a few. New baby announcement cards generally include Baby’s name, the date and time of birth, and Baby’s length and weight at birth. 

Why Choose White Clover Paper Co. For Baby Cards

At White Clover Paper Co, we want to give you a selection of baby cards that express the joy and excitement of welcoming a new baby into the world. Our cards with sweet, delicate details will reflect your sentiments about the precious baby. We offer a range of other celebration and congratulations cards as well- check them out for all your other exciting occasions! All of our cards are created and printed in the United States and almost all of our new baby cards are printed on 100% recycled paper. We strive to set fair prices and to give you the very best customer service experience.

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