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New Baby Wishes: What To Write In A New Baby Card

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A new baby is an occasion for joy- help parents celebrate their new arrival with a sweet note in a new baby card! You want to convey all the right feelings- excitement, joy, delight, support, encouragement, and an abundance of love. But sometimes coming up with just the right thoughtful words is hard. Not to worry- we’ve got you covered! Read on for tips on when to give a new baby card, etiquette for writing a thoughtful message that will be well received, general card writing tips, and examples and suggestions to get you started writing a great message that the expectant family or new parents will love!

When To Give A New Baby Card

The best times to give a baby card are at the baby shower, just before the baby is due, and after the new baby is born. Some people like to send a congratulations card when the pregnancy is first announced, but it’s generally safest to wait until close to baby’s arrival in case of any unforeseen complications. 

The baby shower is the perfect time to give a congratulatory card- after all, you’ve picked out the perfect gift for the new parents, and you’ll want a sweet card to go with it! Baby showers are generally thrown about four to six weeks before the baby’s due date, when the pregnancy is fairly far along. Traditionally baby showers are only held for the first child, so if parents already have one or more children, they may not have a shower, in which case this time frame- four to six weeks before the baby is due- is a great guideline for when to start sending new baby cards. Expectant parents will be delighted to receive your well wishes in this time frame as they eagerly anticipate baby’s arrival. 

After the baby arrives is also a great time to send your congratulations. It makes the most sense to do this soon after baby’s arrival, but it’s perfectly appropriate to send a card with your well wishes for the first few months after the baby is born. 

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Who Do You Address A New Baby Card To?

Some people get caught up when writing a new baby card wondering, who is the card actually for? Your relationship with the soon-to-be or new parents will largely dictate this. Most of the time, addressing the card to either the parents or the new baby is perfectly fine and up to you (and if you choose to give a card at the baby shower and after baby is born, you could do one each way!). 

Addressing The Card To Baby

Writing your note directly to the new baby can be a really fun way to show parents how excited you are to meet their new child. You can address your hopes and dreams for baby, which can make for a sentimental keepsake for when the child grows up and can understand your message. It’s also a great way to indirectly tell new parents how great they’re going to be (i.e. “you’re so lucky to have such amazing parents”). Just make sure that your well wishes are directed at both the baby and the parents. 

Addressing The Card To Parents

It may make more sense to you to write your message to the parents rather than the baby (they’ll be the ones actually reading your card, after all). When addressing your card to the new parents, you can empathize with all the things they may be feeling- excitement, nervousness, anticipation, joy, etc. (these parents are about to embark on an 18 year journey through the four planes of development).  Let them know that you’re there to support them, and write some encouragement about how they’ll do as new parents. If both parents are going to be in the picture and you know them both, it’s best to address your card to both of them, although you may find that you have some specific thoughts to share with each of them. 

Sometimes, if you only really know the mom-to-be or if the dad isn’t in the picture, you can write a card specifically for the mother-to-be. She’ll definitely appreciate the love, support, and encouragement.

Addressing The Whole Family

When a family is welcoming baby number two (or three, or five, or seven), you may want to address your card to the whole family. Address your card “To The Whole [name] Family” and include big siblings in your message- they may be just as excited about the new baby, or they may need some extra love and encouragement. 

If you don’t directly know the new parents, but are close with another close family member welcoming a new baby into their lives (especially grandparents), it may be appropriate to write them a card congratulating them on their new role. A new grandparent welcoming a first grandchild into the world may be particularly pleased to be given a new baby card sharing their joy. Just evaluate the situation beforehand to see how this will be received. 

General Tips On Writing A Baby Card

For a great new baby card that parents will love, follow good card writing etiquette and use the following guidelines to ensure a well received message:

  • Make sure your well wishes are directed at everyone. Include both parents, baby, and other family members, like siblings, if applicable.
  • Stay positive. If there are complications or a challenging situation that you don’t know how to address, focus instead on congratulating parents and sending your love.
  • New parents will be so thrilled with your well wishes. But you don’t have to stop there- they will very much appreciate a gift for baby or something to help them in their new parent roles.
  • Similarly, if you live close to the family, you may want to offer to help new parents when baby arrives. An offer to drop off a meal, run an errand, watch older siblings for an hour or two, or help with some chores will be greatly appreciated by tired new parents.

What Not To Write In A New Baby Card

There are some subjects that new parents would prefer you didn’t address in a new baby card. Be sensitive to their feelings by avoiding the following:

  • Don’t ask about the birth process. This is something they may choose to share with you in person, but don’t make them feel awkward if this is something they don’t want to discuss.
  • Don’t bring up plans for future children. Even if parents have stated that they want a large family, this isn’t the time to ask about when the next baby is coming- plans can change, and they may not want to think about it for a while.
  • Be careful about giving advice to new parents. You might choose to share one or two lighthearted pointers, and that’s okay. But chances are, new parents are already being given lots of unsolicited advice, and they may not want to hear your two cents on how they should raise their child.
  • Don’t bring up any potentially uncomfortable situations. If the baby’s father isn’t in the picture, you don’t need to comment on this. Just address your well wishes to mom and baby and move on. This can also be applied to other non-traditional families.
  • If you’re going for a light tone, be mindful about making jokes. Make sure you know the parents well enough to know how they’ll take the joke, and don’t make a joke about anything that could be taken the wrong way.

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55 Messages To Write In A New Baby Card

There are so, so many ways to express your happiness for new parents and baby. Use the following to get you started for any new baby card.

General Well Wishes And Congratulations

  • I can’t wait to meet you, little one!
  • Wishing you so much hope and happiness as you anticipate the arrival of your sweet baby!
  • Congratulations on welcoming [name] into the world! He/she is so beautiful!
  • Sending you all so much love on this happy, happy day!
  • All the best during this exciting time with your sweet bundle of joy!
  • So glad to hear of baby’s safe arrival! Congratulations to all of you on the start of your beautiful life as a family.
  • I can already tell your darling baby is going to do big things!

To Baby Boy

  • Wishing you all so much joy as you get to know your new baby boy! Congratulations!
  • So happy for you all as you welcome your new baby boy into the world!
  • Sending so much love to you and your precious baby boy!
  • Your lovely baby boy will bring so much excitement to your lives! So delighted for you all!
  • Best wishes for you and your baby boy! I can’t wait to see what your little guy will accomplish!

To Baby Girl

  • Congratulations on your adorable new baby girl!
  • Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl! I can’t wait to see the person you’ll grow up to be!
  • A baby girl is such a special gift! Hold her close and treasure her always!
  • Your gorgeous baby girl could not be more loved! 
  • Sending all the love to you and your sweet girl! 

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To Twins Or Multiples

  • So much love to go around! So excited to meet your new babies!
  • Here’s to twice as many reasons for joy! Congrats on your new twins!
  • What a special gift to be born with your best friend! Wishing for all the best for you and your twins!
  • So glad to hear about the safe delivery of all your babies! So excited for you as you start this journey together!

For First Time Parents

  • You two are definitely parent material. You’ve got this!
  • Wishing you all the best as you embark on the wonderful adventure of parenthood!
  • Congratulations on becoming brand new parents! You’ll be old pros in no time.
  • Welcome to the new parent club! So happy for you as you welcome your first child into the world!
  • Sleep is overrated anyway. Soak up every minute of this super special time!
  • Congratulations new parents! So thrilled for you as you begin your life together with your precious little one as a family!

For Parents Who Already Have Children

  • I’m so happy to see this beautiful family continue to grow!
  • The perfect addition to a perfect family! Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on the newest sweet member of your wonderful family!
  • Siblings are such a blessing. I can’t wait to see your new little one learn from his/her big siblings!

To Close Family Members

  • I’m so proud of the two of you for growing your family. I hope to be able to give you and baby all the love and support you deserve.
  • I’m so excited to welcome [name] into the world and to be the fun [aunt/uncle/grandma/grandpa]. I’m ready to help out and to spoil your little one whenever you need!
  • Unfortunately, you can’t return them when they’re naughty. Fortunately, we’re here to take them off your hands whenever you want! So excited to be part of your little one’s life!
  • Wishing you all the joy and happiness that comes with a new baby! Looking forward to watching you be wonderful parents and seeing your baby grow into a beautiful person!
  • Feeling so blessed as we look forward to all the memories we’ll make with your darling little one!

To Friends

  • Knowing the two of you, I know you’re going to have awesome babies!
  • I can’t wait to be an honorary aunt (or uncle) to your new little one!
  • You two are amazing friends- I can’t wait to watch you become amazing parents!
  • Congratulations on creating such a gorgeous little person!

To A Coworker

  • Congratulations on welcoming the newest member of your family!
  • So happy for you! I hope you can cherish every moment with your new little one!
  • Wishing for health and happiness for you and your new baby!

Congrats New Parents Card

To Parents Who Are Adopting

  • Happy adoption day! We’re so happy for you all, and wish you the very best day!
  • [Name] is so lucky to be joining such a loving family!
  • So happy for you as your family grows! No one is more deserving of this than you!
  • You’ve worked so hard to get here- so happy for you on your adoption day!
  • You and your precious child were meant to be together. So happy that you found each other!
  • All this love and joy were worth the wait! Congratulations on this wonderful family you’ve created!

When There Are Difficult Circumstances

  • Congratulations on your beautiful little one. Wishing for health, healing, and a safe journey home.
  • Some babies need a little extra loving care- we’re glad your little one is getting the care they need in the hospital. Hoping you’ll all be home together soon.
  • Sending so much love to you all as you navigate the ups and downs of this time with your new little one.
  • So glad to hear of baby’s safe arrival! Wishing for a speedy recovery for mom so you can all be together again during this special time.
  • Saying some extra prayers for mom and baby, and sending all our love to all of you.
  • Sending prayers and hopeful thoughts of healing and a joyful future for you all.

How To Sign Off A New Baby Card

End your card on the same warm fuzzy note as the rest of your message. There are an almost endless number of ways you can choose to do this. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Love,
  • With love,
  • All our love,
  • Wishing you all the best,
  • With joy,
  • Blessings,
  • Hugs,
  • Hugs and kisses,
  • Yours,
  • Yours always,
  • Here for you,
  • Congrats again,

Send The Perfect New Baby Card

Now that you’ve got plenty of inspiration to write the perfect card to new parents and baby, find the perfect card to write it in! Browse our collection of new baby cards and get writing!



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