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120 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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Late November is when the holiday season begins to ramp up, and schedules can quickly become filled with holiday activities, gift shopping, and family gatherings. Amidst the hustle and bustle, it’s important to slow down and remember what Thanksgiving is all about – being thankful for all the blessings you have in your life! We’ve compiled some reasons to practice gratitude this Thanksgiving season, as well as a multitude of things to be thankful for at any time of the year. 

Reasons To Be Thankful

Whatever time of year it is, taking the time to think about and share reasons you’re thankful has benefits for you and the people around you. Whether you like to keep a list in your journal, express your thanks outloud to others, or just take a few minutes to think about the blessings in your day, practicing gratitude will have positive effects on you, and by extension, the community around you. 

Gratitude Makes You Happier

Research has shown that practicing gratitude makes people happier. Taking just a few minutes each day to think about positive things in your life or good things that happened during your day will improve your overall happiness and wellbeing. Focusing on the positive can subconsciously encourage you to put your effort, attention, and energy into those things, whereas dwelling on the negative draws your energy and attention there. 

Expressing Thanks Lifts Others

You never know how a few words will impact the people around you. Not only is it polite to say “thank you” sincerely and often for jobs and favors done for you by others, it can make them feel seen, appreciated, and even more confident. Lifting others up by recognizing a job well done or a positive impact that they make can lead to a kinder culture and community.

In addition to practicing seeing and speaking the good in others, learn how to accept thanks from others. Don’t brush off a “thank you” from a friend just because it didn’t seem like a big deal to you. It may have made a world of difference to them, and graciously accepting their thanks with a warm “you’re welcome” is far more polite than saying it was nothing. 

Remember Not To Take Your Blessings For Granted

Taking time to occasionally think of things you’re thankful for is a great reminder not to take things for granted. Some situations, things, and relationships may not be there forever, and fully appreciating the positives about them now will help you soak them up while they last. Plus thinking about all the tiny good things in your life can help the negatives not seem quite so bad.

120 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of what’s good in our lives. From the big things that we need in order to thrive, to all the little joys that make life worth living, it can be easy to forget how much things really mean to us. We’ve compiled a list of 120 things that you might want to stop and appreciate during the Thanksgiving season. 

The Big Things In Life

  1. A roof over your head
  2. Food on your table
  3. A job that gives you a paycheck
  4. Being able to support your family (or having someone who supports you)
  5. Your health
  6. The health of your loved ones
  7. Having a warm bed
  8. Relationships that give you love, comfort, and fulfillment 
  9. Your basic human rights and freedoms
  10. That you’re alive to experience all the good things this world offers

The People Who Take You Far In Life

  1. Spouses or significant others
  2. Parents
  3. Children
  4. Grandparents
  5. Siblings
  6. Aunts and Uncles
  7. Cousins
  8. Nieces and Nephews
  9. Extended family
  10. In-laws
  11. Adoptive family
  12. Friends
  13. Mentors
  14. Co-workers
  15. A great boss
  16. Great employees
  17. Neighbors
  18. Religious community
  19. Teachers
  20. Classmates
  21. Doctors and medical professionals
  22. Deliver drivers
  23. Those who serve you in your community
  24. Customers who support your business
  25. Elected officials
  26. Spiritual leaders

Things That Bring You Joy

  1. A comfortable home
  2. Beloved pets
  3. Taking a vacation
  4. Being able to be physically active
  5. Having hobbies that excite and inspire you
  6. Having a job that you’re passionate about
  7. Living in a community you love
  8. Living somewhere with beautiful scenery
  9. Being able to stay connected with loved ones
  10. Traveling places you’ve always wanted to visit
  11. Having someone look up to you
  12. Establishing healthy habits
  13. The ability to serve your community
  14. Getting a promotion you’ve been hoping for
  15. Living a life that makes you proud
  16. Having a clear purpose in life

The Little Things In Life

  1. A hot cup of tea
  2. Coffee in your favorite mug
  3. Putting on fuzzy socks
  4. The sound of birds outside your window
  5. The TV show that keeps you going
  6. Snuggling up with a great book
  7. Your favorite coffee shop
  8. Savoring a piece of chocolate
  9. Burning a pretty scented candle
  10. The feeling of clean sheets
  11. Fresh flowers from your garden
  12. A podcast that inspires and motivates you
  13. A singer or band whose music you can’t live without
  14. Lazy weekend mornings
  15. Getting a letter from a friend
  16. Your favorite piece of art
  17. The local farmers market
  18. Bubble baths
  19. Having a park you love to visit
  20. Fresh baked cookies
  21. Sharing a homemade meal
  22. Free shipping
  23. A newly cleaned house
  24. Baby laughs and baby snuggles
  25. Fresh air coming in the windows on a nice day
  26. The smell of clean laundry
  27. Going for a walk in a scenic place
  28. Taking time to watch the birds
  29. Having plans to look forward to
  30. House plants that brighten up your space
  31. Having a cozy night in
  32. A weekend without plans
  33. Having someone to hold hands or snuggle with
  34. The sound of waves crashing on a beach
  35. Good hair days
  36. The smell of wildflowers
  37. Hitting all the green lights
  38. Eating your favorite dinner
  39. Enjoying veggies from your garden
  40. A local business that you love
  41. Having a working car
  42. When your favorite store is having a sale
  43. Neighborhood cats
  44. Good grades
  45. Moments when you get to act like a kid
  46. When your desk is organized and pretty
  47. The feeling of putting on your favorite outfit
  48. Getting a call or text with happy news
  49. Getting home from work early
  50. When your favorite book or movie gets a sequel 
  51. When your favorite show gets renewed
  52. Snow days
  53. A friendly wave and a smile from a stranger
  54. Putting on comfy clothes at the end of the day
  55. Making a new friend
  56. Receiving your order from White Clover Paper Co.

Thanksgiving Things

  1. Pumpkin pie
  2. Fall colors
  3. The smell of Thanksgiving cooking and baking
  4. Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade
  5. Taking a nap while watching football
  6. An inviting fireplace
  7. Holiday deals
  8. Sweater weather
  9. Family traditions
  10. Playing games together
  11. Thanksgiving leftovers the next day
  12. Being surrounded by family and friends

Ways To Share Your Gratitude

Expressing what you’re thankful for can inspire others to remember what they’re thankful for, too, and it can make others feel appreciated. Here are some ideas for sharing what you’re thankful for with others.

Write A Gratitude List

Jot down a list of things that come to mind when you think about what you’ve been thankful for over the last year. You can do this on Thanksgiving, or start a few days before and watch how the list of things you come up with grows. Read your list to a friend, share it at dinner, or post it on social media – or keep it in a drawer or journal just for yourself to revisit from time to time.

Take Every Opportunity To Say “Thank You”

Say “thank you” a little extra during the Thanksgiving season. Look for the small ways that those around you improve the world – from the grocery store employee who takes great care, to the barista at your favorite coffee shop who has your regular order down. You’ll brighten their day by taking note of the effort they put in, and you may inspire kindness in others. 

Share What You’re Thankful For At Thanksgiving Dinner

Encourage family and friends gathered at Thanksgiving dinner to come up with things they’re thankful for. Go around the table and take turns sharing something you’re most thankful for from the last year. This is a fun activity for adults and kids! 

Say A Thanksgiving Prayer

Before digging into your Thanksgiving dinner, share a Thanksgiving prayer with those you’re gathered with. Thank God for all the wonderful things He has given you in your life, and ask for continued blessings for the next year. Here is an example prayer you can use:

Father in Heaven,

We thank you for the many blessings you’ve given us in our lives: for our health, for our loved ones, and for all that we have. Thank you for watching over each and every one of us and for the ways you show us mercy every day. Thank you for being with us in all of our joys and triumphs and in our losses and sorrows. Thank you most of all for sending us the gift of your son, Jesus. We ask that you bless us today and always.


Send Thanksgiving Notes In The Mail

Use this Thanksgiving season as an opportunity to send notes of thanks and appreciation to friends and loved ones. Keep them short and sweet, and write a few lines to each friend about what it means to you to have them in your life. Tell them what you appreciate most about them and why you’re thankful for them. 

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